Why do I need to register to this site to make a submission?

    This is to ensure we have your correct contact details and can confirm that we have received your submission.  This also allows us to follow-up with you on your submission if needed and enables us to reference your input in our reporting.

    Are there any other ways I can provide a submission?

    We prefer that you use the online form below, this will assist us in considering all the submissions we receive and enabling more effective and efficient analysis.

    However, you can upload a pre-prepared submission to the website using the 'choose file' button below (you will need to navigate to your file and upload it).

    Alternatively, submissions via email can be sent to independentpanel@mdba.gov.au or via post to:

    Social and Economic Assessment Panel

    GPO BOX 1801

    Canberra City

    ACT 2601

    What happens after I submit?

    When you provide the Panel with a submission, the review and assessment process will begin.  We aim to consider each submission and how it may change or influence our Terms of Reference, our approach or the seven questions. We will not be able to respond to you directly.  

    After the assessment period we will publish the submissions received on our website for public display (unless you have instructed us to keep them private).  Submissions will be reviewed and may be redacted.

    What information will be redacted from my submission?

    Prior to publishing submissions, any personal information, defamatory statements and the like will be redacted if they are present in the submission.

    Those submitting may also identify portions of their submissions that are private, confidential or privileged. This information will also be redacted where you indicate that this is needed, in the submission.

    Can I make a part of my submission confidential?

    The Panel would prefer to receive complete submissions that are able to be published for all to see.  However, should you wish to provide information that is of a confidential nature to the Panel, you will need to clearly indicate this in your submission.  

    Material supplied in confidence should be clearly marked 'IN CONFIDENCE' and where possible be in a separate attachment to non-confidential material.

    A space is provided below in the online form for confidential information.

    Will other organisations or Government Departments be involved in reviewing submissions?

    The Social and Economic Assessment Panel will use a range of expertise in its work.  This may include consultants, researchers and people from state and federal government departments. At times we may need to seek the advice and input from Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Australian Government Departments and others to help us consider how best to incorporate your input to our work.

    I want to tell you about a compliance matter, what should I do?

    If you are concerned that someone has done something that is inconsistent, or in breach of the Basin Plan or an accredited water resource plan, please share your concerns with the Department responsible in your state as a first step.  Alternatively, you can report concerns to the MDBA  at https://www.mdba.gov.au/basin-plan-roll-out/basin-wide-compliance-review/report-breach-basin-plan